About us

As a mum I know just how much we have to juggle (sometimes literally!) and how important it is to be organised, so that our families and lives run smoothly. 

When my son Toby was a baby, his reflux knew just how to turn even the simplest outing into my worst nightmare. Quickly ducking up to the shops in the pram to grab a carton of milk meant practically packing the luggage and the carry on! 

Even with all the spare changes I carried and how prepared I was, I often found myself going through the bags of clothes in my boot that he had grown out of thankful that I hadn't quite gotten around to donating them! 

Toby inspired me to find a better way to ensure I always had a spare change of clothes on hand to accommodate the many outfit changes he'd have in one day... for when he explored food, paints and pot plants or when we didn't think the waves would go past his ankles or when we decided to drop in and see the grandparents... or when the weather changed a little.... and of course for the not so fun reasons too. 

One too many leaky bottles in my baby bag, meant that even my best laid plans would often be undone. 

Although, Toby is now a teenager (and I still have charity bags in my boot that he rummages through when he promised to not go in past his knees!) and the baby days are well behind us, I am constantly looking for ways to keep things simple and practical.

I created Spare Change to stash in your hand bag and in your glove box, so that you will always have a clean, dry and weather appropriate change of clothes on hand, in the hope that your bag doesn't tip the pram over and your days can be filled with adventure.

 Antonella x